27/02/2013 06:49 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Ski Lift Teen Plunges 45ft As He Tries To Throw Snowball At Friends

It's a video that will chill the bones of parents whose children have gone away on school skiing trips.

A teenage boy, larking around with his mates, plunges 45 feet to the ground as he tries to throw a snowball at them.

The 18-second footage, posted on YouTube, shows the 17-year-old losing his balance and then clinging on to the steel-framed chair on the mountain lift in Sante Fe, New Mexico, as his lift companion tries to save him.

The boy, who has not been named, then falls to the ground and is understood to have suffered concussion, a skull fracture, a collapsed lung and lacerated liver.

Mercifully, though, the teen has made a full recovery, said Cody Sheppard, ski patrol director at Ski Santa Fe.

"Basically, the kid is home and he is fine," he said.

"It was kind of a dramatic deal. I guess he was attempting to throw a snowball to the chair in front of him, where some friends were, and when he threw the snowball, the momentum just carried him out of the chair.

"He did hang on for a while, but then he had to drop. They kept him for observation for a couple of days, and then he was released.

"I'd probably shatter. There is something about being young and flexible, I guess, and just lucky the way you land."

Thank goodness he's OK!