Nick Clegg, Ed Balls And George Osborne Skipping As MPs Fight To Be Fit (VIDEO)

As Eastleigh heats up in the south east, little do voters know there's an even more exhausting competition happening only a hop, skip and a jump away.

George Osborne, Nick Clegg and Ed Balls are among the famous Westminster faces who've been caught on camera over the last few years with a jump rope, breathlessly competing to see how many skips they can complete in two minutes.

Videos of the politicians have come to light, revealing a crackerjack Clegg, boisterous Balls and a lumbering Osborne.

Gazelle-like Clegg in 2009

The Chancellor is as mediocre at skipping as some would say he is at running the economy, managing 48 skips in two minutes, according to the MP's league table on Skip2Bfit's website, who organised the jumps.

The video shows Osborne manfully attempting to skip before giving himself a pat on the back for the achievement.

Osborne can be seen skipping here

But that's almost 20 more jumps than disgraced MP Chris Huhne, with the former Eastleigh Lib Dem coming last in the unofficial competition, according to the league table. There is no video of Huhne's feeble attempt.

Both Huhne and Osborne were left in the cold compared with 65-year-old Anne Widdecombe, who proved her metal with an impressive 78 skips, as many as Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes.

Sadly there is no video of her triumphant jump, but a video of Balls perfecting a pony trotting jump is an enjoyable watch. The shadow chancellor struggles to begin with, tripping over the rope several times (playground stuff).

However, ripping off his tie, the robust politician breaks into a hearty canter, bumpy at first, before developing a successful rhythm.

He manages 92 skips in two minutes. Enjoy the clip below (Action Balls begins at 0.50)

Nick Clegg leaps into the lead with 152 skips however, the nimble Liberal seemingly having a whale of a time at Nether Green Junior school in Sheffield.

John McCormack from Skip2bFit, who organised the campaign, praised the MPs for taking part, telling the Evening Standard: "Obviously the point in this was to get the children fit. The MPs have been brilliant over the years, yes they may look a little bit silly, but they’ve nearly all been up for giving it a go to show the children how it’s done."