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Vote For Your Perfect Mother's Day With Parentdish

Vote for your perfect Mother's Day with Parentdish Getty

It's Mother's Day on March 18. A day you can be the focus of your family's love and attention with lovingly made cards, burnt toast at 6.30am and perhaps even the chance to put your feet up and be pampered - or not!

We've teamed up with three of the most popular parent bloggers to debate the best way to spend Mothering Sunday and find out what you, our Parentdish mums, would most like to do on Mother's Day.

Do you think the best Mother's Day gifts are home-made?
Head over to Red Ted Art where Maggy has some brilliant suggestions of gifts children (and Dads, ahem) can make easily.

Maggy says: "We all know mothers work hard all year round and so much goes un-noticed and un-thanked. Mother's Day gives us a reminder to stop, say thank you, and I love you. And nothing says that better than a home-made gift, which shows love, care and attention.

Click here for Maggy's crafty inspiration.

Do you look forward to being spoiled on Mother's Day?
Laura from LittleStuff believes Mother's Day is all about being pampered and spoiled, even if it's just for one day.

Laura says: "Mother's Day is that day of the year when we get to lie in bed with a mug of tea (made with water from the hot tap), toast (warm bread) and a flower (snaffled from next door's garden). Some people think it's a crock, invented by card companies. Some think a little home-made something is where the heart is at. I say pffft to all that. Show me the spoiling, people.

Click here to read about some of Laura's favourite gifts for Mother's Day.

Do you think it's silly to celebrate Mums for just one day of the year?
Is Mothering Sunday just another day for you, as it is for Nickie from Typecast?

Nickie says: "I have experienced 20 Mothers' Days to date, and this one will be no different to the rest. There will be no lie-in for me, no breakfast in bed, and probably no flowers or gifts. But I don't feel sad. I know my children love and cherish me every day of the year. How about we reclaim Mother's Day and celebrate the special women in our lives when we feel like it?

Click here to read about Nickie's decision to ignore Mother's Day

What would be your favourite way to celebrate Mother's Day?

Vote in our poll and please tell us what you did last year.

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