04/03/2013 07:26 GMT

Christopher Maloney Calls Police Over Twitter Death Threats

During his controversial 'X Factor' stint, contestant Christopher Maloney was at the receiving end of all sorts of abuse on Twitter, and despite now not being a regular fixture on our TVs every week, the Liverpudlian crooner is still being targeted.

He has revealed that a man has been arrested after making death threats against him on the social networking site.

Police were called when a troll threatened to shoot Christopher in the head as he played the last few dates of the 'X Factor' tour.

He wrote in his weekly column in Star magazine: “Last week I woke up to a tweet from someone saying that he was going to get a gun and shoot me in the head.

“Apparently, he was the ex-partner of one of my fans, who I’m told has been to some of the live shows.

“He also tweeted the death threat ‘RIP Maloney’, so we had to call in the police, and an arrest was made.

“Some people think they can get away with intimidating behaviour but it’s good to know they can’t," he added.

However, it sounds like there is good news on the horizon for Christopher, as he teased a big announcement on Twitter, which fans guessed would be that he has landed a record deal.

He posted on Sunday night: “Ello guys, hope ur well! Should have some great news for u in the next few days, so will keep u all posted, excited! Love u all xx."

Earlier this year, he said that he was in negotiations with various labels over a deal, and revealed he was hoping to emulate the dizzy heights of 'Loose Woman' Jane McDonald's career.

“It will probably be covers at first, but who knows. If I could emulate Jane McDonald’s career, that would be amazing.”


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