Here Comes Trouble! Scan Shows Baby Giving The Finger To Mum And Dad


When mum and dad-to-be Anne Marie and Ben Ronald went for a scan at 28 weeks, they expected to see their baby enjoying a nap and having a stretch.

But their unborn baby took the opportunity to show mum and dad some serious attitude, by sticking its middle finger up!

Luckily Anne-Marie, 25, and husband Ben saw the funny side of the rude gesture during their scan at London's Harley Street.


The scan also showed their baby throwing some impressive shapes, including crossing its arms to show the X Factor sign, and giving a hefty left hook as if practising for the boxing ring!

Staff at the private hospital in central London said they had never seen such an active baby on a scan.

Good luck Anne-Marie and Ben...

Still, not quite as impressive as the scan photo that looked like Margaret Thatcher, eh?

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