05/03/2013 06:14 GMT | Updated 06/03/2013 03:51 GMT

Angry Birds Church: Florida Chapel Looks Like A Furious Chicken (PICTURE)

Floridian church-goers are in a flap after it was pointed out their place of worship resembles a chicken.

A somewhat fractious chicken at that. And to be even more specific, a character from the Angry Birds app.

Madeira Beach's Church By The Sea, went viral after a photographer noticed something familiar about the building when viewed from a certain angle.


Madeira Beach's Church By The Sea is said to resemble a character from the Angry Birds app

Tourists are now flocking to the chapel, which was built in 1944. While one local told The Mirror: "I'm glad we can make people smile," church employees are not so enthused.

One man who asked to remain anonymous told HuffPost Weird News: "We"re not fond of it being called the 'Chicken Church'.

"It's attracting people to us for all the wrong reasons. I don't think they're attracted to come in and worship, I think they're making fun of it."

It could be worse though. In 2011 a Swansea home earned a dubious fame for its remarkable resemblance to Adolf Hitler.


Chicken Church

Chicken Church