07/03/2013 06:10 GMT | Updated 07/03/2013 06:19 GMT

Nicklas Bendtner Charge: Danish Paper Ekstra Bladet Has Journalist Get As Drunk As Striker

Nicklas Bendtner was this week fined €113,000 and had his licence revoked for three years after he was arrested for drink-driving. So a Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet tasked one of their journalists to get as drunk as Bendtner... and drive.

The intrepid Mads Kristensen Bloch had a Bendtner Bender and got liquored up on Jack Daniels in a bid to match the on-loan Juventus striker's reported blood-alcohol level of 1.75.

nicklas bendtner drunk

Mad Mads

Mad Mads then got in a vehicle and drove around a slalom course which, naturally, was about as composed as a Bendtner finish.

Bendtner described his charge as "the worst day of my life" on Tuesday.

nicklas bendtner

Bendtner on Tuesday