07/03/2013 20:35 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

The Moment Deaf Girl Hears Her Mum's Voice For The First Time - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |

This is the amazing moment a deaf little girl heard her mum's voice for the first time, captured in a heartwarming video.

Jayde Scholl was born deaf in China and spent the first four-years of her life in an orphanage after being abandoned in a town square at the age of eight months.

But after being adopted by an American family, she was fitted with a cochlear implant, which was switched on for the first time on Tuesday.

As she heard her adoptive mum Jaque's voice for the first time, the little girl squealed and laughed with delight. Her joy was a wonderful moment of happiness, marking the end of a two adoption process for Jayde.

After what seemed like endless bureaucracy, the Scholls took Jayde to Tulsa in United States just before Christmas.

However, Jaque, who is a doctor of audiology at her own Scholl Center for the deaf in Oklahoma, noticed something was wrong with her new daughter on the plane home.

She realised that Jayde wasn't paying attention or watching the in-flight video, even when the volume on the headphones was switched up to full.

A diagnosis confirmed the little girl was deaf and needed an implant, which fortuitously, her new parents could easily make happen.

But once the implant was activated, Jaque spoke of her joy at her daughter's realisation she could now hear.

"She's never turned her head to us when we've talked or done anything," said Jaque. "So that's kind of like, wow! That's a big moment."

Hopes are high for the little girl's future now that she has the implant because tests reveal that she is blessed with high intelligence.

"The building blocks are there. And I think she's bright. She feels safe in the world. And I think that makes a big difference," said Jaque.

And Jayde will soon become a part of medical history. Next month she will be one of the first children in the world to receive a new processor that will make her implant smaller and less noticeable.