Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked Ahead Of 14 March Unveiling? (PICTURES)

Samsung's Galaxy S4 might have just been leaked days ahead of its launch.

A Chinese website has published pictures of what it claims is the South Korean tech giant's latest flagship handset.

The pictures appear convincing, but there is of course no way to find out if they're real until the phone's actual unveiling on Thursday.

And Engadget notes that the front-facing camera doesn't appear to align properly - suggesting these might either be pics of another handset, or even of a fake knock-off design.

The pictures show a large, rounded-edge Samsung phone, with a back that has a metallic appearance.

The device also has a 1080p HD display, an 1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM and a 13MP camera.

Take a look below - either way the S4 will be announced on 14 March in New York.