Tech Illusionist Brusspup Makes Water Bend In Mid-Air (VIDEO)

Tech illusionist Brusspup can make water do pretty much anything - including bend in mid-air, totally freeze and (we imagine) do the Harlem Shake.

In his latest clip water is shown to be flowing normally before suddenly freezing in a strange, seemingly impossible zigzag in mid-air.

And no, it' s not thanks to computer graphics or expensive tricks.

In fact, the illusion is created using nothing but a normal camera recording at 24 frames-per-second, and a speaker system.

The speaker is set to vibrate at 24Hz, producing a sine wave which interacts with the water. Since both are set to the same frequency, the camera only records frames of the water in a certain position, making it appear frozen.

Take a look above, and see below for some of Brusspup's other amazing illusions.

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