40-Year-Old Woman Addicted To Eating Powered Clay Face Mask (VIDEO)

You know how you're always craving food that tastes like wet rocks?

No? Oh, in that case it's just 40-year-old Natasha, who recently featured in an episode of My Strange Addiction on American channel TLC.

According to report by TV Replay (above), Natasha has been consuming up to a jar a day of powdered clay face mask for the past seven years, which adds up to more than 1,000 lbs of clay mask, and now sometimes substitutes clay for meals.

Natasha enjoying the feeling of wet clay inside and out

"It tastes wonderful, like wet rocks. And it always comforts me," she said in the show.

But don't think she's secretly knocking back shots of the mineral-based beauty treatment in secret; eating clay mask mix is part of her daily routine.

She'll grab a bag of tortilla chips and use wet clay as a dip. Or just chillax with some clay mask and a beer, according to the show's narration.

A tasty lunchtime treat

Luckily, Natasha's strange love affair with clay appears not to have left any lasting damage to her body.

While ingesting aluminium and titanium could potentially lead to kidney and nervous system damage, the doctors recently gave her a clean bill of health.

That's one strong digestive system.

However, since the making of the show, the voiceover tells us that Natasha has decided to cut her clay intake down to just one jar every two weeks.