Comic Relief 2013: A History Of Red Nose Day Singles, From Cliff Richard And The Young Ones To One Direction (VIDEO)

As long as there's Comic Relief there will be pop stars and comics (sometimes both, together) willing to lend their support to the charity in musical form.

There have been some inspired choices to record the official Comic Relief single over the years - some great (hello, Peter Kay) and some less so (that'll be you Hale & Pace) but as long as they're raising buckets of cash for the charity then we're willing to forgive (and quickly forget) that 'The Stonk' was ever recorded.

HuffPost UK's Comedy Ed, Andrea Mann has fond memories of the very first Comic Relief single by Cliff Richard and The Young Oneswaaaaaay back in 1986, but which is your favourite? What's that? You need a gentle reminder? Well step this way, dear reader, because we've compiled them all together in one place - and in moving picture format too (below).

No, really, the pleasure's all ours.

So, sit back, enjoy and don't forget to vote for your favourite before basking in the warm glow of knowing you've helped someone less fortunate than yourself after donating to this year's appeal.

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