14/03/2013 12:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Schoolboy Arrested After 'Happy Slap' Bus Attack On Boy With Learning Difficulties

The cruelty of a teenager to a schoolboy with learning difficulities on a school bus has caused anger and disgust after footage was posted on Facebook.

The 27-second clip shows the teenager from Winifred Holtby School in Bransholme, Hull, punching and head-butting the terrified boy in what is known as a 'happy slap' assault because it was filmed by another child for circulating to friends.

Soon after the appalling attack was uploaded, police arrested a 14-year-old boy. In the clip, the victim can clearly be heard repeating over and over again that he does not want an argument.

One Facebook commenter says: "I'm utterly disgusted that someone could do that to anyone. It's one thing getting into a fight but when they clearly say they don't want one."

Another says: "That poor lad wanted no trouble, bless him."

Mike Birkenshaw, deputy head for community at Winifred Holtby, told the local paper: "The school is aware of the video material and we are liaising with the appropriate authorities in dealing with this extremely unpleasant incident.

"While we will not specifically discuss this case, we do not and we will not tolerate the behaviour shown. "The school's behaviour policy clearly states our expectations for our students.

"We will do everything we can by using the school powers that are available to us to uphold not only the reputation of the school but our local community as well."