Leonardo, PSG Sporting Director, Proposes To Girlfriend On Live TV (VIDEO)

Leonardo, Paris Saint-Germain's sporting director, livened up the usually banal post-Champions League draw interview when he decided to propose to his girlfriend, Sky Italia presenter Anna Billò.

Speaking from Switzerland, the conversation moved away from PSG's quarter-final tie with Barcelona to the possibility of marriage, when Billò asked her partner if he had any questions for the studio panel.

Leonardo didn't think twice.

"Anna, do you want to marry me?" the Brazilian asked.

"Do you want to marry me? You have to answer me now. I'm waiting for your answer. It's not that difficult," he added. The giggling Billò stuttered before responding "OK … We'll see."

Billò could then be seen fanning herself with a piece of paper and remarked: "He's gone mad."

Leonardo already has a son with Billò, and has great form when it comes to charming the ladies...