15/03/2013 05:57 GMT

Rebecca Loos Tells 'Daybreak' - 'I Regret Selling My Story On David Beckham'

Rebecca Loos has told ITV’s 'Daybreak' that she regrets selling the story about her alleged relationship with David Beckham in 2004.

Speaking live on the breakfast programme, she said: “Obviously I'm a mother now and I'm married myself and being in the media for six or seven years, so knowing what I know now, I would have definitely gone about things quite differently.”

Rebecca Loos

She continued: “I think I was quite young and foolish and very reckless, and obviously I didn’t think things through, I just acted on impulse. And I like to think I'm a lot less like that now, hopefully.”

Asked if she regretted the impact selling her story had on David and Victoria Beckham, Loos replied: “Probably, yes, I think I do. I think I regret the impact on everybody. But I think I just maybe could have gone about it in a kinder way. I don’t regret speaking out but I regret the way I went about it, so put it that way, yes.”

Loos, who has quit Britain for a quiet life in Norway, went on to confess she loved the media attention that followed from selling her story: “I like to think I am the sort of person who tries to make the best of things and try to look at the positive side of things.

The Beckhams

"I did try to enjoy it as much as I could. It all happened very, very fast, it was very much a whirlwind. I think that’s a good word – it was a whirlwind – and I think in the end, I paid a price by feeling quite lonely and depressed.”

She added: “I think if I hadn’t have fallen pregnant by my then boyfriend, I would probably still be in London doing the celebrity scene.

"It was because I fell pregnant and because suddenly I was going to be a mother that I decided to make changes.

"That was really the turning point for me. It just didn’t make sense – I didn’t want to be a mum and have a family and be in London and living the celebrity scene, I wanted to just walk away from that.”