19/03/2013 07:56 GMT | Updated 19/03/2013 07:57 GMT

Beth Ditto Arrested: Drunk Gossip Singer Faces Six Month Prison Term For Disorderly Conduct

Gossip singer Beth Ditto could be facing a six month prison sentence and a £1600 fine after she was arrested for disorderly conduct, which saw her allegedly kick a barman in the crown jewels.

After reportedly being denied access to the Bungalo Bar in Portland, Oregon for being 'too drunk', the Willamette Week claimed she then walked out into the middle of the road, threw off her shoes and started chanting 'Obama, Obama'.

Beth Ditto's mugshot

A customer at the bar said the 'Standing In the Way Of Control' singer lost it with staff at the venue before being ejected.

In a post on Reddit, the witness wrote: "My friends and I were trying to enjoy a nice night out and she ruined it.

"[Ditto] came up to me and starting to pinch my cheeks (what the fuck?) so I got up from the table and moved to another seat.

"Didn't stop her from coming over to me to continue the harassment.

"Fifteen minutes later she was arrested … The bartender called the police because she kicked him in the balls."

Beth on stage with the Gossip

Following the incident on Friday, the 32-year-old singer was arrested and then released with a court date pending.


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