Denise Van Outen Stands By Johnny Vaughan Criticism: 'It Was A Very Strained Relationship' (EXCLUSIVE)

EXCLUSIVE: 'It Was A Very Strained Relationship'

Denise Van Outen has stood by her criticism of Johnny Vaughan during their time together at Capital FM, after he denied there was a rift and suggested she was "taking the piss".

Asked if she was joking with her previous remarks that she felt "very uncomfortable" working with her former 'Big Breakfast' co-host on his Capital FM breakfast show, Van Outen asserted: "No. It was a very strained relationship at the time, for whatever reason. No I'm not joking."

Van Outen, who has now landed her own radio show with Magic FM, told The Huffington Post UK: "It's a shame, I've moved on from that and so should Johnny really.

"It just wasn't the relationship we had previously on TV. It was a very different and strained environment."

Van Outen previously accused Vaughan of turning the volume down on her microphone when she was trying to talk.

"He wouldn't let me speak, would tell me when I should and shouldn't speak, and would also constantly not mention that we were joint presenters," she said.

"I couldn't even fade myself up, let alone fade her down. I don't think I've ever touched a fader. I don't know how to operate all these things."

He added: "I think it's best to ignore it. She apparently said that Andrew Lloyd Webber and I sabotaged her career. She's taking the piss, of course she is."

Speaking about her return to radio, Van Outen also told HuffPost UK: "I'm looking forward to it because obviously I've had a long break from radio and I'm a little bit older and Magic is a nice station."

Denise Van Outen will begin her new Saturday show on Magic 105.4 between 1pm and 3pm from 30 March.


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