20/03/2013 12:47 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hero Builder Gives Kiss-Of-Life To Supermarket Toddler

This is the amazing moment a Superman-style builder leapt into action to save the life of a little girl.

Heroic Rowan O'Neill swept everyone aside to give the kiss of life to two-year-old Shaylar Collard after she passed out in a supermarket.

The youngster had been shopping with her mum Amy in Perth, Australia, when she stopped breathing.

The desperate mum carried the lifeless little girl to the checkout and passed her into the arms of a shopper before racing out of the store to get help.

CCTV footage shows shoppers desperately trying to revive Shaylar, who they feared was choking, by turning her upside down and performing the Heimlich maneouvre. But the little girl didn't respond.

At this point the girl's father Michael Narkle came into the shop but became hysterical with fear at the sight of his daughter's lifeless body.

But then it was superman Rowan to the rescue. He decided to take matters into his own hands and placed Shaylar onto the checkout where he administered mouth to mouth.

Mercifully she responded, slowly opening her eyes and beginning to breathe again.

As she came round other shoppers burst into tears and an overwhelmed Mr Nagle hugged his daughter's rescuer.

Shaylar spent a night in hospital but was able to return home the next day.

Doctors believe a high fever caused her to pass out. Later, Amy told Australia's Nine News: "I appreciate what he did, and I'm lucky he was there at the time."