'The Big Reunion' Series 2: Kym Lomas Dubious Over Hear'Say Reunion - So Which Bands SHOULD Take Part? (VOTE)

VOTE: Who Should Star In 'The Big Reunion' Series 2?

'The Big Reunion', the reality-documentary that has rekindled the rocky relationships of some of the best pop acts of the nineties, is surely on course for a second series, after it continues to pull in around 1 million viewers every week.

We're guessing a second series could take two formats - we could continue to follow the current acts Five, 911, Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, Honeyz, Liberty X and Blue as they adjust to life after 'The Big Reunion' and see whose relationships continue to thrive under the renewed spotlight.

Or, more interestingly, ITV2 could bring a whole new batch of has-beens back together for more tears, counselling and rusty dance moves.

Former Hear'Say popstar Kym Lomas recently revealed that "everyone" keeps asking her to take part in a second series.

Lomas, who now stars in 'Coronation Street' as the manager of underwear factory Underworld, but was one of the founder members of 'Popstars' reality TV winners Hear'Say in 2000, told Digital Spy: "I've been asked about [The Big Reunion] a lot actually. People keep saying, 'Why aren't you doing it?'

"It's hard work being in a pop band. You're away from home a lot. It's not great when you have children. I love what I'm doing now and I don't miss it."

But if the price was right, Kym?

She walked out on the manufactured pop group two years after their promising beginning with record-breaking debut single 'Pure and Simple', and the rest of the band went their separate ways seven months later.

But if Kym is not prepared to don those crop tops with Hear'Say once again, which other groups should come back out of the woodwork?

In the slideshow below are 17 groups who we think should really give pop another pop, if not for their unfulfilled dreams, then for our unsated entertainment. Watch the videos and vote in our poll below. Will we ever see the Vengaboys back in town'?

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