Amy Childs' Transformation Into A Katie Price Clone Is (Almost) Complete

For a second there we almost forgot Amy Childs even existed but here she is flogging her latest wares at the Vitality Show in London's Earls Court.

And is it just us or is she looking more like Katie Price than well, Katie Price these days?

Katie Price, sorry, we mean Amy Childs

From the heeeuuuge hair and make-up applied with a spade to the shameless self-promotion and pink velour trackie (surely one of Pricey's hand-me-downs?) Amy's transformation into a Jordan clone is slightly unnerving.

Now all she needs to do is reproduce with and/or marry a footballer/faded popstar/model/stripper (preferably one of each), have a few kids and slate a few national treasures and the transformation will be complete.

Katie, is that you?

But where will that leave Pricey? We reckon she could do worse than becoming a regular on 'TOWIE'... and so the circle of celebrity life is complete.

This Is Why We Love TOWIE

This Is Why We Love TOWIE

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