Introducing HuffPost UK Student's Blog Of The Week

Introducing.. Student Blog Of The Week

Here at HuffPost UK Students, we like shouting about how talented students are, and we love giving them a platform to promote their work on.

So, with this in mind, we've decided to launch HuffPost's Student Blog of the Week.

Every Friday, we'll be publishing a Q&A session with one student blogger, linking to their blog, Twitter handle, and a snapshot of their site.

We're looking for all bloggers, from sports to science and fashion to food.

And, if you fancy being on it, send over the answers to the questions below to


What's the name of your blog?

What’s your blog all about?

Describe your blog in three words

Why did you start your blog?

How long have you been running it?

What makes it different from the rest?

Who would be your dream guest blogger?

What was your last blog post about?

What’s been your “blog highlight”? (ie, a post which you’re particularly proud of, one which got good traffic/someone famous tweeted etc..)

We also need:



Where and what you’re studying (or if you’re an apprentice or recent graduate, what you’re doing now):

Twitter handle:

Blog URL:

Screengrab of blog (please attach as a file)

Small picture of yourself (this is optional - also please attach as a file)

Email all this to, and, if we don't get back to you within a day, give us a tweet to remind us: @HPUKStudents


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