Schoolgirl Posed As Boy For Three Years To Have Sex With Another Girl

Central News

A Glasgow schoolgirl pretended to be a boy for three and a half years in order to have sex with another girl.

Justine McNally, now 18, posed as a boy called Scott as she built up an online relationship with the girl when they were 13 and 12.

They met while playing an internet video game, and eventually agreed to meet. McNally disguised herself as a Goth boy and visited the girl in north London, staying with a friend of her family.

The relationship was said to have turned physical on McNally's first visit, after they had discussed having sex during online web chats.

The 16-year-old believed she had lost her virginity to 'Scott' and that they would get married and have children.

McNally's true identity was revealed in November 2011, when the family friend she was staying with became suspicious of her and looked through her belongings, where she discovered a strap-on penis. She told the other girl's mother, who then informed her daughter.

The mother and daughter confronted McNally, who said she wanted to have a sex change to continue the relationship.

The Sun reports that the younger girl was 'literally sickened' by the revelations, and ended the relationship and called police.

Appearing at Wood Green Crown court, McNally admitted six counts of sexual assault by penetration, contrary to the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and was jailed for three years.

Judge James Patrick told her that her assaults on the girl had left her with lasting emotional scars.

"She had her first sexual experience with you, and you abused her trust so badly she finds it difficult to trust other people," he said.

"It was selfish and callous behaviour - a grave abuse of trust of her, her family and friends through your behaviour over a period of years."