Mark Webber Cut Up Sebastian Vettel After Malaysian Grand Prix (VIDEO)

Red Bull driver Marc Webber cut up teammate Sebastian Vettel in a dangerous manoeuvre after the German had crossed the finishing line as winner of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

In footage broadcast by French television station Canal+, the victorious Vettel is shown slowing down at the side of the race track only for Australian Webber to dangerously surge past him, intensifying the animosity between the duo.

Webber was left seething after Vettel disobeyed Red Bull's orders that he allow Webber to win the race and overtook him, which led to the duo awkwardly sharing the podium with third place Lewis Hamilton.

Already Webber had flashed his middle finger at Vettel after he roared past him for the World Champion's first win of the season, and the 36-year-old told the press afterwards he would be considering his future with Red Bull.

"My mind in the last 15 laps was thinking that many things, yes. Many, many things," Webber said.

As to how Webber will respond to an order in the future should he be in a position where he is chasing Vettel for a win, he said: "That question is not going to be answered right now.

"Let's just say there were a lot of things going through my mind in the last 15 laps of the grand prix, lots of different reasons, not just from today but also from the past.

"We'll see what happens. We've got three weeks before the next race (in China on April 14).

Webber and Vettel awkwardly stand side-by-side on the podium

"Right now it's very early days, it's very raw, but we need to work out how the team best goes forwards from here.

"That's obviously going to be discussed this week. I will be in Australia on my surfboard, the phone won't be engaged, so let's see what happens."

Vettel, initially unrepentant about his conduct, apologised soon after although he eventually expressed regret.

"I can see now he (Webber) is upset, but yeah, I at least want to be honest and stick to the truth and apologise," said Vettel.

"I know it doesn't really help his feelings right now, but I should have behaved better.

"As I've said, I didn't do it deliberately. I didn't realise I had made a mistake. It was only when I came back and saw the team's reaction I realised."

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