Max George's Bedroom Antics Keep The Wanted Awake: 'What Can I Say? I'm A Good Shag'

'What Can I Say? I'm A Good Sh*g'

Ever wondered what The Wanted's Max George is like between the sheets? Well, dear readers, wonder no more as the ever-modest singer has been bragging about his bedroom skills, proclaiming that he is a 'good shag'.

All five members of The Wanted are currently living together in LA while they film a fly-on-the wall show for E!, and the other four lads have been kept awake by Max enjoying the, um, pleasure of female company.

“They said there was a bit of noise,” Max told E! News. But rather than apologising for depriving his pals of some shut eye, he added: “What can I say? I’m a good shag.”


But not stopping there, Max was only too happy to answer questions about how many ladies he entertains.

“One a week… it keeps the doctor away,” he said.

Don't think that's quite the saying, Max.

In fairness to the lad, he did warn that he would be on the prowl for regular sessions of the old wango tango while in America.

You can't say he didn't warn you.

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