27/03/2013 11:19 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Bid To Find Owner Of Family Photos Lost 5 Years Ago And Washed Ashore 5,000 Miles Away

A camera lost in the ocean nearly six years ago has washed ashore 5,200 miles away – with the family photos it had taken still intact.

Now a worldwide search has been launched to find the owners to reunite them with their fantastic photos of blue lagoons, mountains, flowers and fish.

It is believed the camera was washed away in the waves of Maui in Hawaii only to be found by an airline worker on a beach in Taiwan thousands of miles across the Pacific.

Bruce Chen, General Manager of the China Airlines Honolulu Branch, said an employee of his was walking on a beach in Taiwan and found 'something strange' resting in the sand.

Beneath a light covering of crusty barnacles and sand, was a beaten up Canon camera with its memory card surprisingly preserved inside.

"We checked the memory card and found lots of pictures," Mr Chen told Hawaii News Now.

He believes they are the personal photographs taken during a diving trip in Kannapali in August 2007 where the camera's believed to have first drifted away.

Somehow, more than five and a half years later, it travelled directly west through the North Pacific Ocean until hitting Taiwan's east coast.

"I don't know how this camera goes to Taiwan but I believe it's God's arrangement," Mr Chen said.

He is now on a mission to find its rightful owners and return their lost memories.

He's narrowed the search down to a single young blonde woman seen in the photos as the possible owner.

If he can find her, or whoever is the rightful owner, China Airlines is offering a free ticket for them to come and collect the camera in Taiwan.

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL