Jessie J Dyes Shaved Head Bleach Blonde On 25th Birthday (PICS)

Do (Shaven) Blondes Have More Fun?

Jessie J doesn't have a whole lot of hair left to play with after shaving it all off for Comic Relief a couple of weeks ago, but she's still dyed what little of it she has left blonde.

The singer has decided to mark her 25th birthday by trying out yet another new look, and posted a picture of it on Instagram.

"It's my birthday and I'll be blonde if I want to," she wrote.

She later added on Twitter: "I have no signal where I am so I'm hoping this sends!! ☺ Thank you in advance for all the birthday tweets and messages!!! I feel so happy right now!!! I'm 25!!! Waahhh!!! #birthdaymadness."

So Jessie, do blondes really have more fun?

Comic Relief 2013: Jessie J Head Shave

Remind yourself of Jessie's old look below...

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