North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Pictured 'Plotting' In War Room Amid Talk Of US Rocket Attack

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un has been pictured by the nation's state media devising strategies in what appears to be his war room.

The pictures, released by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Friday, show the leader in an "urgent meeting".

KCNA said Kim Jong-un had "ratified a strike plan by the Strategic Rocket Force as US B-2 stealth bombers flew over the Korean Peninsula".

Kim Jong-un is said to be in an 'urgent meeting' in these photos

The pictures came as Kim Jong-un told his generals to put rocket units on standby and prepare for an attack on the US, KCNA also said.

Kim Jong-un said the time had come to "settle accounts with US imperialists" after a late night meeting with top generals.

Analysts who have studied the latest pictures say they show arrows on the map in the background pointing towards San Diego, Washington DC and Hawaii.

An iMac is also visible on Kim Jong-un's desk.

However as NK News, a site dedicated to analysing North Korean news, points out, most analysts agree North Korea would not be able to hit any US mainland targets.

It is unlikely that N Korea has the capability to hit mainland America

North Korea has made repeated threats on the US and South Korea since a fresh wave of UN sanctions were imposed in response to the nation's third nuclear test blast.

The sanctions, voted on by the UN Security Council earlier in March, target North Korea's ruling class and place bans on countries exporting luxury good to the communist state, including jewellery, yachts and luxury cars, as well as tightening financial restrictions.

The latest pictures come days after North Korea was accused of doctoring pictures of hovercraft landing on a beach, in a mock invasion.