Police Officer Sues Garage Owner After She Trips On Kerb During 'Burglary' Call

PC Trips On Petrol Station Kerb During 'Burglary' Call...

A petrol station owner who phoned police when he thought he was being burgled is being sued by one of the attending officers because she tripped on a kerb.

Steve Jones called police last August when the alarm protecting his garage forecourt went off around midnight.

PC Kelly Jones, 33, answered the call during which she tripped on a six-inch kerb.

The garage owner told the Mirror: "I thought nothing of it, other than she must have been a bit embarrassed – and I helped her up."

The officer claims she injured her wrist and leg in the fall at Nuns' Bridges Service Station, but was able to continue the search of the premises.

PC Jones is now suing him for thousands of pounds for "unnecessary risk of injury" as she was not warned about the kerb and it was insufficiently lit.

Mr Jones said: “I am incredulous that I am being sued by a police officer whose duty it is to protect the public.

“How can anyone feel safe calling the cops if they size you up for compensation while they’re fighting crime?”

Paul Ridgway, chairman of the Norfolk Police Federation, said: "All members of the public, regardless of what profession, can claim litigation against people and against private firms - that's why everyone has insurance.

"It's not common, I appreciate that, but the claim has come in and we've honoured the officer's wishes by putting it through to the solicitor," reports the BBC.


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