01/04/2013 17:58 BST

Broadchurch Review Episode 5 - Grief Turns To Anger, Town Claims Another Victim

How annoying were those two journalists?! Not only did they indulge in a contrived, didn’t-spot-that-coming romance despite the complete lack of chemistry between them, but they found time in between all their cavorting to ruin an innocent man’s life.

The town of Broadchurch's grief turned to anger this week following the reconstruction of Danny's disappearance

After the previous week’s very still episode, matters sped up for Episode 5, but in the completely wrong direction, as the grief and confusion of the town found a natural outlet in the persecution of newsagent Jack, aided and abetted by the two bonking brats above.

We know from real-life murder cases how strange, eccentric loners in the proximity of the crime can often turn out to be just that, and so it proved here. It was only a matter of time before Jack’s isolation and persecution came to its tragic conclusion, and still no sign of Danny’s murderer.

Jack Marshall was the victim of the town's misplaced suspicions, with tragic consequences

Elsewhere, Pauline Quirke’s Susan became ever more creepy, and Danny’s bereaved mum (the excellent Jodie Whittaker) expanded like a tigress, raging at the injustice of a new child inside her, and smashing up the bar of her husband’s Aussie temptress. No wonder the men in her life, priest and husband both, quaked and collapsed like felt puppets in her wake. The day she discovers the identity of her son’s killer should be worth the price of admission alone.

Who do you think killed Danny Latimer? Suggestions below, please!

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