01/04/2013 16:27 BST

Exxon Pipe Burst: Oil Flows Through Mayflower In Arkansas After Spill (VIDEO)

A YouTube video of oil flowing through a US suburb has been viewed by thousands of people after an Exxon pipeline burst, flooding the neighbourhood of Mayflower in Arkansas with thick black crude.

Over 20 homes were evacuated after gallons of oil leaked into the Central Arkansas town, with oil burbling out of drains and running down roads.

"The smell is just incredible" says the man filming.

By Monday Exxon said about 12,000 barrels of oil and water had been recovered with 15 vacuum trucks, while crews steam-cleaned oil from properties in the area.

The ruptured Pegasus pipeline has reignited debate over the environmental dangers of hauling oil long distances in pipes that are over 60 years old.