01/04/2013 06:57 BST | Updated 01/04/2013 07:02 BST

Lego 'Withdraws' Star Wars Model After Anti-Muslim Complaints

Lego has reportedly agreed to withdraw a model from its Star Wars range after complaints it was anti-Muslim.

The Jabba's Palace model will be withdrawn from 2014 onwards, the Independent reported.

Lego model Jabba's Palace, which retails for £119.99

The dome-topped structure, housing the slobbering Star Wars villain Jabba the Hut, sparked a row in January when a Turkish community in Austria raised concerns that it looked like Istanbul's Hagia Sofia mosque.

The matter came to light after the item was spotted in a toy shop range at Christmas.

According to the Austrian Times the president of the Turkish Cultural Association of Austria said Lego had climbed down over the row.

"We are very grateful and congratulate Lego on the decision from 2014 to take the Lego Star Wars product Jabba's Palace out of production and no longer to have it on sale," it reported the association as saying.

After initially refusing to back down, Lego agreed to end its production from 2014, the Independent said.

The Austrian Times said Melissa Gunes, general secretary of the Turkish cultural association believed the set portrayed Jabba as a "bad man".

"He also smokes an oriental water pipe, and keeps a princess as a belly dancer in chains. That is the sort of thing that does not belong in a child's bedroom."