05/04/2013 11:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby P Chief Sharon Shoesmith Says She Is Unemployable And On Benefits

I am unemployable and living off benefits claims Baby P head of children's service Sharon Shoesmith PA

Sharon Shoesmith, the chief of Haringey children's services who lost her job over the scandal surrounding the death of abused Peter Connelly claims she is now unemployable and living off benefits.

The Sun reports that Shoesmith has considered suicide and that four years on from the case, has been unable to move on with her life.

Once on a £130,000 salary, she is now said to be living off state handouts, claiming she has not 'received a penny' of the up-to £1million damages she was in line for after winning an unfair dismissal case in 2011.

"People I used to know ask me what I'm doing now and they're shocked when I say, 'Nothing'," she told the paper.

"They can't quite grasp that my life hasn't moved on at all in the last four years - that I can't find any work and I'm living on benefits. No organisation will take the risk of employing me because of who I am."

Peter Connelly, first known as Baby P, was just 17 months old when he died after suffering a series of injuries. His mum Tracey Connelly, 31, her boyfriend Steven Barker, 36, and his brother Jason Owen, 40, were jailed over Peter's death in 2008 after admitting causing or allowing the death of a child.

Criticism was levied at the children's services after it was revealed Peter had received 60 visits from social workers, police and doctors in eight weeks.