05/04/2013 15:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Nanny Cam Horror: Childminder Slapped Five-Month-Old Baby In Face

A childminder has been filmed on a family's secret 'nanny cam' slapping a five-month-old baby in the face as her sister looked on.

In the video, the 52-year-old nanny appears to be trying to feed her a bottle, and then starts slapping the baby's face.

She then roughly picks up the baby and carries her out of the frame.

Now the nanny, Mamura Nasirova, has been arrested on charges of endangering the child and resisting arrest at the child's home in Staten Island, New York.

According to the TV news channel, NBC 4 New York, a law enforcement official said the video was recorded by a nanny cam hidden inside a carbon monoxide detector in the family's home.

The family had apparently had the cameras installed before the nanny was hired, but didn't have them turned on.

The mother of the children had a feeling something was wrong, so they turned on the cameras and witnessed the violence the following week. The mother wasn't home at the time of the alleged hitting but hurried there after she saw the video on a remote feed.

A source said the nanny went looking for another job the day after the parents fired her and that's partly why they contacted police. Nasirova was arrested on Sunday and arraigned Monday. The Staten Island District Attorney's office said she is being held on $1,000 bail.