05/04/2013 12:05 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

NINE-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth To A Baby Daughter

A nine-year-old girl has given birth in Mexico after falling pregnant at the age of eight.

The child's mum told the authorities in Jalisco state that the baby's father is a 17-year-old youth who has now 'run away'.

The little girl, Dafne, delivered her baby daughter in hospital on January 27th. The newborn weighed in at 5.7lbs and both she and her mum are said to be 'doing well'.

The Telegraph reports that the hospital will have to do 'extensive follow-up' checks on Dafne because of her age.

The state prosecutors' office is now hunting down the father of the baby.

"We are looking for the young man to get his story because she does not understand what has happened. This is a rape or child sex abuse case," said officer Jorge Villasenor.

Poor child!

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