05/04/2013 12:24 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Tragic Story Of House Bound Mum-Of-Six Who Died Weighing 43 Stone

The tragic story of a mother-of-six's battle with her weight after she ballooned to 49 STONE has been made into a poignant documentary.

Dominique Lanoise was house bound for 20 years and had to be fed and washed by her daughters because she was so incapacitated by her size.

Her struggles with food have now been charted in the film 600lb Mom: Race Against Time. Dominique died in March this year, aged just 41.

The fly-on-the-wall show reveals how she was put on a strict diet in 2011 to drop from 606lbs to the 500lbs maximum weight she needed to reach to qualify for gastric bypass surgery.

The mum lost more than 100lbs in 10 months but when she went for a hospital weigh-in four months later she had piled on even more weight.

Dominique's doctor found one surgeon who agreed to do the surgery when the mum of six weighed 600lbs.

He asked Dominique to lose weight in the three months before the procedure - but at the next check-up her weight had ballooned to 689lbs.

Doctors still reduced her stomach to the size of an egg and Dominique lost 55lbs in just four days.

But after being referred to rehab and hating it she checked herself out after two days. Just nine weeks later she fell ill and died on March 10, weighing 43 stone

Dominique first came to the media's attention in 2010 when she was forced to stay in Haiti for three months after the earthquake, because she was too heavy for commercial airlines. Instead she was forced to travel back to the US in a military cargo plane.

Despite doctors' orders to eat more healthily, she continued to indulge in her favorite Haitian dishes and sprinkled her meals with appetite-suppressing powder, wrongly thinking it would counteract the calories.