'Block Man' Photos By Fabien Nissels Will Make Your Day (PICTURES)

Believe it or not, folks, this picture isn't Photoshopped:

And nor for that matter, is this one:

Or this one:

No, Swiss photographer Fabien Nissels didn't create these arresting images using Photoshop - he created them by photographing his friend's body parts from four sides, printing the photos and putting them on to polystyrene blocks.

Nissels then went out to various locations, placed the blocks in all sorts of amusing arrangements - and the result his the brilliant, surreal 'Blocks' photo series.

"There is no Photoshop cheating," says Nissels. "Our modular man really went to all these places and always asked for souvenir pictures, except maybe the one when he was on the toilet."

You can see more of the 'Blocks' photos (including the toilet one!) below. And if you like his work, also check out Nissels' Delicious Nausea photos - in which he puts transparent glass objects in front of his camera lens to create amazing effects, once again without the use of Photoshop.

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