Charlie Brooks: I Was The Jungle Celebrity - Not My Daughter


Charlie Brooks has said I'm a Celebrity bosses went 'too far' when her seven-year-old daughter Kiki was involved in one of the show's stunts.

"I signed up for the show - she didn't," Charlie told The Sun

EastEnders star Charlie – who left the jungle the winner – said she could not stop imagining her daughter's 'disappointed face' when she was unable to see her after failing a challenge.

The paper claims the distraught mum 'begged show staff to reassure her' that little Kiki was OK

"I didn't want her to be so upset. I had no idea this was happening. It was my lowest point," Charlie said in the interview, "My mum gave the green light for her to be there because it was an opportunity for Kiki to see me - and I think she thought she would."

Charlie had been carrying out a bushtucker trial with fellow contestant Eric Bristow in which they had to choose a door to open. Behind one of them was Eric's 19-year-old son James and behind another, seven-year-old Kiki.

Kiki was reduced to tears when she realised she was not going to see her mummy.

Charlie said she felt like she'd been 'kicked' when she found out Kiki was behind another door.

"I felt so sad for both of us and I couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards," she said, "Afterwards I went straight up and spoke to the show bosses. They said she 'had a moment', but assured me she was OK after they gave her a bowl of ice cream."

The scenes prompted viewers to take to social networking sites to brand the show 'exploitative'.