Mel B Booed On 'America's Got Talent' After Buzzing 'Racist' Joke

Mel B has reportedly been booed for a second time by 'America's Got Talent' audience members.

The Spice Girl was judging on Simon Cowell's show in New York when she objected to a 'racist' joke and pressed her buzzer.

TMZ reports the joke involved a half-serious observation about African American taxi drivers being 'more entertaining than other taxi drivers'.

But Mel was not laughing: "I found it really offensive. There was no need to do a stereotypical black joke. It was not funny."

Howard Stern said Mel lacked a sense of humor and Heidi Klum added: "There will always be jokes made about being black and white ... I agree with you that we should laugh about it."

It's not just Americans that have booed Mel while she's been a talent show judge.

Last year, at the 'X Factor' auditions in Manchester , Scary was reportedly booed by the audience after being less than complimentary about an elderly contestant.

Mel felt the wrath of the audience after she said she "wanted to fall asleep" during 81-year-old widower Lou's performace.

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