Dad Severed Toddler's Legs In Lawnmower Accident

Dad Severed Toddler's Legs In Lawnmower Accident

A distraught dad severed both his toddler daughter's legs after running over her on his ride-on lawnmower.

Police said the father, who hasn't been named, started up the mower in the garage of the family's home in Florida.

He didn't notice his daughter run in front of him before apparently tripping. The child's mother desperately tried to flag her husband's attention but he didn't see or hear her over the engine.

According to police, the father dragged the little girl down the driveway of their subdivision and onto the street before he realised what had happened.

The girl instantly lost both of her legs below the knee in the horrific accident, and one of her hands was severely injured.

Police said her father swaddled her with a blanket and immediately called 911. She was airlifted to Tampa General Hospital with her distraught parents where she is undergoing treatment.

"She suffered from immediate amputations to both legs below the knees and partial amputation on her hand," said a spokesman for Palm Harbor Fire Rescue.

Police told ABC News that it will not be possible for the girl's limbs to be reattached. The girl's parents are also being treated at the hospital for symptoms related to extreme emotional stress.