LA Dodgers And San Diego Padres Brawl: Zack Greinke Hits Carlos Quentin (VIDEO)

Sports spats are few and far between nowadays, so be upstanding for the LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres, who produced a superb flare-up that evoked memories of the Naked Gun's baseball brawl.

It all began when Padres's Carlos Quentin was hit on the arm by a pitch in the bottom of the sixth inning by the Dodgers's Zack Greinke. After pausing briefly for thought, Quentin charged at Greinke like a bull to a red rag and the benches cleared.

The pause and the mêlée makes it seem like a WWE-staged bout (sorry, yes, it's all fake), only it's a genuine flare up between God-knows-how-many from both teams.

And as you can tell by the Dodgers's official Twitter account, they saw the funny side of the altercation.

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