Psy's 'Gentleman' Video Racks Up 62 Million Views In Two Days


How many times does your video need to be watched on YouTube before you can officially tag yourself a 'phenomenon'?

Psy's 'Gentleman', the follow-up to his world-conquering 'Gangnam Style', was released last week, but the video was posted on YouTube two days ago.

Since then, it has been viewed more than a jaw-dropping 62 million times. Yes, you read that right. Getting on for the population of the UK. And it's actually nearer the 63 million-mark, making for more than 1.3 million clicks on the video every hour.

Psy still has some way to go, however, in his quest to topple his own 'Gangnam Style'. The South Korean singer's video, kickstarting a dance craze adopted by the likes of everyone from Ronaldo to the schoolboys of Eton, has been watched on YouTube... 1,526,762,160 times. Yes, that's a cool billion and a half.

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