'Family Guy' Boston Marathon Episode Pulled After YouTube Hoax Clips

'Family Guy' Boston Marathon Episode Pulled

An episode of 'Family Guy' that depicted people being run over by a car at the Boston Marathon has been pulled from Fox's website, it has been confirmed.

The episode 'Turban Cowboy', which was broadcast in the US last month, shows main character Peter Griffin crashing into runners in a car in order to win the race.

Later in the show he is seen befriending a terrorist who is plotting to blow up a bridge. The terrorist gives Griffin a mobile phone, which he uses to accidentally detonate the bomb.

Now, the two clips have been mashed together in a YouTube hoax, following Monday's bombings at the Boston marathon in which three people died and at least 176 were injured, prompting the network to pull the episode from Fox.com and Hulu.com.

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of 'Family Guy', tweeted on Tuesday:

Last year, another episode of 'Family Guy' was pulled following December's Sandy Hook school shooting in which 20 children were killed in Newtown, Connecticut.

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