Windows Start Button May Be Revived By Microsoft In Version 8.1

Could The Start Button Return?

Windows 8's eradication of the humble Start button prompted an outpouring of computing grief not seen since the demise of the floppy disk - but it may return.

According to various rumours, Windows 8.1 may include the option to boot your system straight into the traditional start-up interface rather than the newer version.

When launched Windows 8 was criticised for ditching the start button.

A lost icon

Not only was it an icon that many had grown up with, it also created hordes of confused people who simply couldn't navigate the new interface (especially when drunk).

Microsoft defended the decision at the time saying: "When we evolved the taskbar [in Windows 7] we saw awesome adoption of pinning [applications] on the taskbar.

"We are seeing people pin like crazy. And so we saw the Start menu usage dramatically dropping, and that gave us an option.

"We’re saying ‘look, Start menu usage is dropping, what can we do about it? What can we do with the Start menu to revive it, to give it some new identity, give it some new power?'"

But sales figures aren't setting the world alight, and it looks like the people have spoken. Hold on, little Start button. Your glorious return might be just around the corner.


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