Luis Suárez 'Bites' Branislav Ivanović And Goes Viral (PICTURES)

Liverpool's Luis Suárez appeared to 'bite' Branislav Ivanović during the Premier League clash with Chelsea on Sunday afternoon, and it was only a matter of hours until the Uruguayan went viral.

A muzzled Luis Suárez after Twitter users had a bit of fun with photoshop

The memes and photoshopped images of Luis Suárez started to appear almost instantly with everything from the player wearing a muzzle, to his opponents being gobbled up by a great white shark.

Luis Suárez appears to 'bite' Branislav Ivanović during the match.

The game ended 2-2 with Suarez scoring an equaliser in the dying seconds, the FA said after the match they are now set to review the incident.

See below for the best virals of the 'bite'