Best Instagram Account Ever? One Direction's Harry Styles New BFF Is CEO Kevin Systrom (PICTURES)


Co-Founder and CEO of InstagramKevin Systrom is already a very popular young man with a net worth of £260 million, but he's now set to have a whole new army of admirers after One Direction's Harry Styles posted a picture of him to his own Instagram account with the caption "Me and my new pal @Kevin from Instagram...stagram"

Harry Styles pictured with Kevin Systrom at an event on Wednesday night

But Harry Styles is not the only impressive face to befriend Systrom. Along with pictures of beautiful sunsets, exquisite food and expensive hotels, Kevin Systrom has a very extensive celebrity fan base. With David Cameron, David Blaine, MC Hammer, Carly Rae Jepson and Jamie Oliver to name but a few.

The homepage of Kevin Systrom's Instagram page

His Instagram account charters the relatively humble beginnings of a wannabe internet entrepreneur and software engineer, to one of the famous faces in the technology world. So far Systrom has posted 1,303 photos, has 528,819 followers but seems very selective as he's only following 479 people.

The co-founder and CEO of one of the world's most popular social media sites is clearly enjoying his new found fame, wealth and celebrity lifestyle but who could blame him.

Take a look below at Kevin Systrom's amazing Instagram account in pictures.

Kevin Systrom's amazing Instagram account in pictures

Kevin Systrom's amazing Instagram account in pictures

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