29/04/2013 12:21 BST | Updated 29/06/2013 06:12 BST

Samsung Gangnam Style: Galaxy S4 India Launch Marked With Psy Remake

Samsung has launched its latest flagship phone in India with a questionable remake of the erstwhile viral hit Gangnam Style.

'S for Samsung Style' is a full remake of the popular South Korean singer's biggest tune, complete with lyrics like "441 ppi is not just a number", for some reason.

The perpetrator this time around was Indian actor Ranveer Singh, who at least gives the attempt to emulate Psy's famous grooves a vigorous go.

But not even Singh's dancing can save the situation from a descent into awkwardness. It's quite a tough watch, to be frank - and as The Verge notes, is reminiscent of various other karaoke crimes inflicted on the world by tech companies over the years.

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