01/05/2013 03:51 BST | Updated 01/05/2013 03:55 BST

'Made In Chelsea': Andy Jordan Says He'd 'Take Down' Louise Thompson's Ex Boyfriend Spencer Matthews

'Made In Chelsea' star Andy Jordan has been getting all fired up about Spencer Matthews - the cheating ex of his rumoured girlfriend Louise Thompson.

Asked by Heat magazine who would win in a fight between him and his fellow 'Made In Chelsea' star, he said: "I honestly think I would be able to take him down. I look smaller, but I'm taller, so I've got a good reach."

andy jordan

Made In Chelsea's Andy Jordan

Yep, sounds like fighting talk to us.

He also reckons he's a lot more chilled out than his castmate, saying: "We're both alpha males, we both like to be number one and we're both competitive, but we have a very different approach.

"I'm a really laid-back person, whereas Matthews has a much more hot-headed approach."

spencer matthews louise thompson

Spencer Matthews with his ex, Louise Thompson

And he admitted he was shocked when he found out Spencer had cheated on Louise, labelling him 'manipulative'.

"It's manipulative and it's out of line," he told the mag. "Whether or not I end up with Louise, I think she's better off without him."

Meanwhile, Louise has been getting over Spencer by getting her kit off for FHM magazine. As you do.

The star stripped off ahead of this year’s FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World list being announced.

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