02/05/2013 12:28 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Amazing Teen Gymnast's Routine Goes Viral

It is a gymnastic routine that has to be seen to be believed – and even then you won't believe it.

Balancing and flicking a ball while she bends and prances around a gym mat, ultra-flexible Boyanka Angelova seems to defy the laws of physics and physiology.

It is so incredible you suspect it's the work of CGI wizardry – but no, this is for real.

The astonishing routine by the then 13-year-old has been viewed almost 9 million times since it was uploaded to You Tube a few days ago - under the title 'Someone should tell this girl that this can't be done' - although it was filmed at the Junior European Championships in Turin in 2008.

Performing to a musical soundtrack, the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast gracefully bends into one double-jointed pose after another.

Even more impressive is that she also shows off ball skills which would put most premiership footballers to shame. She manages to toss the ball high into the air and deftly catching it between her feet and hands, while continuing to demonstrate her elastic moves.

Amazingly Angelova's eye-popping routine only won her second place at the 2008 competition in Italy, which suggests that someone put on an even more spectacular show.

Lord only knows how good the winner was.