02/05/2013 06:59 BST | Updated 02/07/2013 06:12 BST

Artist Karen Finley's 'Sext Me If You Can' Asks Patrons To Send Her Sexts In The Name Of Art

Karen Finley

An artist in New York is asking men and women to 'sext' her for a new exhibition.

Karen Finley, part of the 'NEA 4' group, wants to create paintings based on sexual images sent to her by anonymous participants.

The exhibition - "Sext Me If You Can" - will take place from May 23 to 26 at the New Events Museum in New York.

But instead of just accepting any sexts from random strangers, the pictures can only be sent from participants who make an appointment with the gallery.

The paying 'patrons' will be given a 10-minute window (or sitting) in a "completely private, discrete and anonymous" part of the gallery.

Using a provided phone number they can then send Finley their "sext", which she will receive and turn into a painting live in the exhibition's lobby.

karen finley

Above: Karen Finley in 2001

The pictures will then be displayed for the duration of the exhibition, after which the patrons will get to take their picture home.

It's not cheap, however. A large oval canvas will cost $500, while a paper picture will go for $200 - not bad for exhibited works of art, but not necessarily something you'll want to display in the living room either.

The museum explains on its website:

"Participation takes the form of a commission and requires a ten-minute private and anonymous sitting on-site during announced performance times (bring your own cell phone!). Through this process, the erotic exchange with the artist--bound by rules of commerce--transforms into a lasting and collectible work of art."