Devon Women's Institute Group In Epic Pirate Embarrassment

LOOK: WI Group In Epic Pirate Fail

Not a headline you read every day, we grant you.

But then not every day has a story like this one, from the North Devon Journal:


Still, as the North Devon Journal reports on its website, "once this had been gotten over everyone sat down to listen to Captain Darch's story and what a story it was."

Well, indeed. And now he's got another good story.

"If you ever get a chance to hear Colin speak, grab the opportunity because he is a great raconteur and very humorous," continues Parkham WI's report on the evening.

And they're not joking: Darch showed his good humour by agreeing to pose with the surprisingly curvaceous pirates - sorry, women - in question:

Spot the good sport

Perhaps the sequel to 'The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists' could be 'The Pirates! In An Adventure With The WI'?


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